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Virtual Bookkeeping Service: Services


For most small to medium businesses, it’s just not practical to maintain a full-time bookkeeper on staff.  It makes more sense to use a contract service, such as K & E Financials' Virtual Bookkeeping Service.

This service is designed for the business owner who wants to stay on top of finances. They recognize the importance of having financial statements at hand and up to date. It’s a tough balancing act for most busy entrepreneurs, and it makes sense to turn this chore over to a reputable virtual bookkeeping service.

At K & E, we stay on top of all your financial transactions and prepare financial statements to provide you with a current snapshot of your fiscal position. Our service makes it easier for you to make management decisions and to create plans for the future.

With the virtual nature of our service, you don’t have to invest in office furniture, payroll expense, or employee benefits.  Pay just what you need to and get the job done efficiently by certified professionals
When tax time comes around, you won’t be scrambling to find the information you need.  K & E will have everything organized and ready to present to your tax preparer.
Eliminate the worry of keeping your financials in order. 
​Contact us at  K & E Financial Services and enjoy your peace of mind! 
Contact us for detailed information.

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