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Walk a Mile....

(post from 12/2019)

Do you know the saying, "Walk a mile in their shoes"? Ok, I might be showing my age!

But, it means you have to actually experience what someone goes through before you can talk about it or them.

Well, I actually tried the new Mileage feature on QuickBooks Online; and,...…

it is great!

I paid an extra $5.99 for MileIQ for about 2 years and I will now save $72 a year because QuickBooks Online (QBO) now offers this on any subscription level! This is one of the new features that has come out. There are more to come out and we will give you more information in the upcoming issues.

There are many apps that you can add to work with QBO to fit your needs; but, Mileage is not an app it is a fixture in QBO.

So, that means no hassle if it is not working to get in touch with the creator -- Intuit is responsive.

What I like most about it is how it gives you the IRS mileage rate on the top right side and based on your business mileage, it gives you your potential deduction amount (on the top left in purple)!

It's simple. You can have the QBO app on your phone and turn on mile tracker. It will automatically track your miles and you choose if it is personal or business. Or you can use your computer and add it manually - using the green button on the right side [Add Trip]. You will still need to categorize the type - personal or business -- even if you only add business miles.

If you haven't used QBO yet, or you feel you are not really taking advantage of it to the fullest, contact us - ( - for assistance.

We are here and we can help!

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